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Title: Take My Hand - a simple guide to success from child to adult

New self-help book shows how to live successfully from early age

“Take My Hand: A Simple Guide to Success from Child to Adult” by Devon Mitchell highlights the principles to sculpting an authentic, purposeful life

LAURELTON, N.Y. – In “Take My Hand: A Simple Guide to Success from Child to Adult” (ISBN 1475142668), Devon Mitchell shows how success is possible for everyone, if they learn and apply the principles to benefit both themselves and others from an early age. Written as a guide for parents and educators, Mitchell aims to help them teach children how to achieve lasting success and avoid the stigma of being deemed a persistent failure.

Take My Hand” demonstrates that the training a child receives from his parents and teachers should help him to competently manage his actions. It shows what the defining characteristics of success are and reveals the hard work and diligence required to achieve it.

Mitchell believes in helping children plan out their actions and think through the consequences of the decisions they make from an early age. His work and beliefs stress that parents and educators need to help their children structure their life so they see its endpoint beyond day-to-day feelings and happenings.

To be successful, Mitchell argues, children must learn from early to perceive their life’s decisions as they will play out over the next few hours, days or even years. This long-term thinking can be demanding, but it is important to instill it at an early age as most adults simply replicate the patterns and behaviors they learned as children from their parents.

 “Take My Hand” draws on the personal experiences of the author, who was raised in poverty and lived in a broken home. Even as an adult, he subjected his own children to some of the same conditions until he learned to break the cycle in his family’s life. Unlike other books on the same topic, this is not a collection of clinical anecdotes or a synthesis of research. It comes from one man’s desire to teach other individuals how to define success on their own terms and actually achieve it.

Take My Hand: A Simple Guide to Success from Child to Adult” is available for sale online at and other channels.

About the Author:

Devon Mitchell was raised in poverty in a family with eight children. As an adult, he repeated many of his parents’ mistakes and fathered a number of children by different women. Eventually, with the help of a Christian outreach group, he was able to turn his life around and achieve success. Currently, he devotes his life to helping others give proper guidance to their children.


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"Take My Hand" offers some thoughtful advice on parenting. Readers will be pleased with the insight you offer on how to improve their relationships with their children. The book provides many tips on how readers can achieve success, while both parents and children can benefit from the application of these tips in their own lives.
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If you love a great self-help literature, pick up a copy of "Take My Hand - a simple guide to success from child to adult", by Devon Mitchell. You will be an instant fan!

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